Data Recovery Wizard Free

Recover files and partitions on your hard drive


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Data Recovery Wizard Free is a program for Windows, similar to Hetman Partition Recovery, through which you can recover deleted files or partitions that have been lost from your hard drive.

The Data Recovery Wizard Free interface is quite minimalistic. You simply have to select the hard disk that you want to search and program will display all of the items that can be recovered. Selecting whichever ones to want back, it will then take a few seconds to complete the recovery process and put the files in the selected destination folder. This tool is capable of indexing audio files, videos, documents or photographs in any format. What's more, the program allows you to recover partitions that have been lost and restore their data.

Data Recovery Wizard Free is a simple but effective program that will help you, in a few seconds, recover your hard drive's files and partitions.

Requires Windows XP or higher

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